Skin & Facials

Amanda is amazing! I think she is the best Esthetician in Savannah, my skin has never looked better.
— Michelle V. -Savannah, GA
The work that Amanda did for my facial is phenomenal! She is the best! It always does me good. Great experience, thanks Amanda!
— Patricia S. -Savannah, GA
As always ⎯ awesome!!!! I so appreciate the care and attention to my skin - the conversation is fabulous too!!! Looking forward to my next facial :)
— Mary Lou K. -Savannah, GA
I’ve had problem skin since I was a small child. Antibiotics, name it and I’ve taken it but nothing helps long term. Now, in my late thirties, I’ve found Savannah Skin & Wellness. Amanda consistently helps me achieve clear skin and helps minimize the appearance of scarring from a lifetime of breakouts. As if that’s not enough, she’s fascinating to talk to, as well. I’m so thankful I found her.
— Stacey G. -Savannah, GA
Amanda IS Amazing!!
— Kami S. -Savannah, GA
Amanda is amazing! You won’t get a better facial anywhere else.
— Laurie F. -Savannah, GA
Great overall experience! Excellent knowledge & experience demonstrated. Very engaging & welcoming.
— Nathalie L. -Savannah, GA
Amanda is amazing and so personable. I will be returning for future services.
— Valeri L. -Savannah, GA
Overall a great experience and my face felt wonderful afterward. Will certainly come back and refer a friend.
— Ruthie D. -Savannah, GA
Knowledgeable, expertise of craft , sincere, friendly service A lovely treat! Absolutely love everything!
— Kim K. -Savannah, GA
It was my first time getting the service done and Amanda made me feel so comfortable! Definitely coming back!
— Abigail P. -Savannah, GA
Amanda is an experienced knowledgable esthetician. Since her departure from Northern Virginia, I haven’t found anyone that compares which is why I go to Savannah as often as possible to have a facial. She’s the best!
— Theresa O. -Chantilly, VA
Amanda is by far the best at her profession in Savannah. Her personality is so engaging and her knowledge is vast. I will be making future appointments.
— Valerie L. -Lawrenceville, GA
Great customer service! The extractions were done really well and my face looked so much better afterward. I was very happy with the results. Highly recommend it for anyone who wants a REAL facial and expect to see a difference right away.
— Ruthie D. -Savannah, GA
I really enjoyed my appointment. Thank you so much!
— Emily K. -Savannah, GA
Fantastic facial! Thank you soooooo much!
— Karla T. -Atlanta, GA
Very professional and experienced.
— Hedy F. -Savannah, GA
Amanda is a true professional! Her knowledge and experience shine through immediately and my skin felt amazing when I left her office.
— Diane K. -Savannah, GA
Love Everything...
— Deb B. - Tybee Island, GA
Great atmosphere!
— Justin H. -Hinesville, GA
Very relaxing Very professional! Always a wonderful experience with you Amanda. Thanks so much!
— Andreia P. -Savannah, GA
What an absolute delight to meet you today. Thanks for an amazing facial—I’ll look forward to my next one!
— Rebecca F. -Savannah, GA
— Kim K. -Savannah, GA
I’ll start by being honest: I had acne and when I say I had acne, I had a double dose of acne on top of acne. Amanda is great! No more acne!!!
— JCH - Savannah, GA
Amanda is a miracle worker!
— Kellee H. - Savannah, GA


Amanda is a terrific resource… knowledgable, informative and compassionate… she provides a wealth of knowledge with a very pleasant delivery. Every meeting with Amanda is something you look forward to and come away smarter.
— Jeff F. -McLean, VA
Issues that have haunted me my entire life have been resolved through working with Amanda. Now I can move forward with confidence. Not an exaggeration! I have seen the change every day
— Sue H. -Herndon, VA
My experience working with Amanda has profoundly changed not only what I eat but all my interactions with food. Where I shop has changed, as well as food I purchase. I certainly perceive the food on my plate and on the shelves differently; the food manufacturing industries even more so. My intentions in enrolling in the program were very personal; however it has had very positive unintended consequences not only for my immediate family, but my extended family as well. It was an organic journey that addressed not only the state of personal nutrition as part of an industrial system, but nutrition as an element of self.
— Kiernan D. -Valencia, CA
Amanda changed the way that I think about food. I went to her not because I had a weight problem, but because food had lost its appeal to me. I ate, but I never felt full. Instead, I was disappointed because nothing I ate tasted good to me. Amanda’s program educated me about the multiple aspects of healthy food and the connection to living both happy and healthy. Now, knowing how to shop, to prepare, and to enjoy foods that taste great, I feel better physically and emotionally.
— Elena H. -Centerville, VA